CAL2024: The 4th Crypto Asset Lab Conference

Investments, Economics, and Regulation for Bitcoin, Crypto-Assets, and CBDCs

January, 11 and 12 - Milan (Italy) and online

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To attend the conference (in person or remote) get your ticket at Eventbrite. Prices are:

  • PhD students: €75
  • general admission: €120 (early birds €90, late-comers €150)

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Conference Theme and Topics

The conference focuses on bitcoin, crypto-asset, and CBDC, with a special interest in liquidity management, investment, banking, finance, financial services, monetary theory, and regulation.

Topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Regulatory approaches for crypto-assets and CBDCs
  • The impact of crypto-assets and CBDCs for cross-border payments and settlement
  • RegTech for crypto-asset supervision
  • Crypto-asset service providers: regulation and management
  • Monetary policy implications of crypto-assets and CBDCs
  • Stablecoins
  • Online/offline uses of stablecoins and CBDCs
  • The accounting treatment of crypto-assets and CBDCs
  • Balance sheet effect and liquidity implications on financial institutions
  • The use of crypto-assets in capital raise
  • Risk management frameworks and practice for crypto-assets, stablecoins, and CBDCs
  • Smart contracts and distributed ledgers
  • Permissioned and permissionless distributed ledgers
  • Decentralized Finance (DeFi)
  • Legal, ethical, and societal aspects of decentralized finance
  • Non-fungible tokens (NFT)
  • Security and utility tokens
  • DAOs: accountability and governance
  • The Bitcoin protocol and extensions
  • Proof-of-work, -stake, -burn, -authority
  • Distributed consensus protocols
  • Economics and/or game theoretic analysis of crypto-asset protocols
  • Second layer application
  • Blockchain and cryptography applications
  • Security and privacy challenges
  • Forensics and monitoring

Organizing Committee

  • Program Chairs
    • Ferdinando Ametrano, Digital Gold Institute and Università Milano-Bicocca
    • Paola A. Bongini, Università Milano-Bicocca
  • General Chair
    • Concetta Ingrassia, Digital Gold Institute
    • Francesca Mattassoglio, Università Milano-Bicocca
  • Program Committee
    • Lucia Alessi - DG Joint Research Centre, European Commission
    • Filippo Annunziata - Università Bocconi
    • Simone Cortese - University of West London
    • Gianna Figà-Talamanca - Università di Perugia
    • Gianfranco Forte - Università Milano-Bicocca
    • Paolo Giudici - Università di Pavia
    • Daniele Marazzina - Politecnico di Milano
    • Francesca Mattassoglio - Università Milano-Bicocca
    • Paolo Pagnottoni - Università di Pavia
    • Ricardo Pérez-Marco - CNRS, Université de Paris
    • Marco Petracco Giudici - DG Joint Research Centre, European Commission
    • Gina Pieters - University of Chicago
    • Carla Reyes - Southern Methodist University
    • Sandra Ro - Global Blockchain Business Council
    • Monica Rossolini - Università Milano-Bicocca
    • Stefan Scharnowski - University of Mannheim
    • Antonella Sciarrone Alibrandi - Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore
    • Maarten van Oordt - Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
    • Silvio Vismara - Università di Bergamo

Conference organised within the Multilayered Urban Sustainability Action (MUSA) project and the Designing a Governance for a Token Economy in a Decentralized Era (DeTokoDe) project; projects funded by the European Union, NextGenerationEU.

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